Mashiah, I. (2019). Cover Patterns of Technology in the Media: High-Tech Companies in the Israeli Online Journalism and the Strategic Role of Marketing Factors. Paper presented at the annual “Communicating” Conference, University of Haifa, Israel, Department of Communication. December 29th, 2019

Mashiah, I. (2018). The Role of Technology and Innovation Messaging in the Diplomatic Efforts: The Case of Benjamin Netanyahu (2009-2017). Paper presented at the annual “Communicating” Conference, University of Haifa, Israel, Department of Communication, December 9th, 2018 


Media Representation

How does modern media choose which topic to engage in every day? Who decides what will express and communicated? What are the factors that shape media coverage? Is it possible that media outlets are almost entirely excluding specific populations and groups? How are communication frameworks created? And how can we prevent or at least reduce unequal coverage? This lecture deals with media representations and brings an in-depth look at frames as they expressed in today’s mass media. During the talk, we present practical tools for shaping coverage.

Embrace the narrative

Every startup, business, company, regional council, group, or social initiative must adopt a frame story. In this lecture, we will discuss in detail the importance of a media narrative. We will understand how choosing the right narrative functions as a useful technique for leverage the product and service you provide. In the lecture, we will discuss ways to find a media story-frame according to the internal DNA of the business. We will elaborate on the tactics to advance the story and expose it to relevant stakeholders.


Whether it is the CEO of a large company or even a student, in almost every industry profession and stages, the person must maintain a positive personal image. In this lecture, we will learn how building a ‘self-brand’ is a definite advantage for competitors. We will understand why it is essential for any individual to find his hallmark. The sign that will help the environment identify and differentiate him from the other people in the same category. We will discuss strategies for personal branding, messaging and review relevant media channels for self-promotion.