Communication and High-Tech

Journalism, Public Relations, and Media culture

The groundbreaking book Communication and High-Tech delves into the portrayal of the high-tech sector in the Israeli media and the vital role of marketing strategies. . It uses both qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the discourse surrounding media and technology in Israel, highlighting the key topics covered in the press about startups, entrepreneurs, established companies, and global technology firms. The book also includes in-depth interviews with technology leaders, journalists, and marketing experts to understand the organizational policies and interests shaping media coverage. Communication and High-Tech serves as a practical guide for managing effective relationships between journalists, technology companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, and tech public relations professionals.


“In his book, Itzhak Mashiah uncovers a crucial but often overlooked aspect of media relations in the high-tech industry. While some firms achieve success quietly, many require positive media coverage to secure funding and attract top talent, and sometimes to gain visibility among potential customers”.

Dov Moran, entrepreneur, investor, the inventor of the USB memory stick

“This book is a must read for anyone engaged in the media industry or who wants to improve their knowledge of the field. It offers a fascinating perspective on the media aspects of the high-tech world”

Aviv Weizmann, IL Microsoft Spokeswoman

“Those who want to find out more about the connection between Israel’s high-tech industry and the media should read this book, which includes findings from groundbreaking research. It explains how high-tech companies can make headlines at different stages of their life cycle”

Tova Cohen, a former Reuters economics and technology journalist

“This book explores the interrelationships between high tech factors and the mass media in Israel. It is a must-read for high-tech managers and entrepreneurs, as well as PR professionals”

Moshe Dayan, President of Honor – Israel Public Relations Association

“Itzhak Mashiah paints the complex relationships between the two worlds that have affected our lives in the last decades: communication and technology. He takes us into these worlds, reveals behind the scenes, and gives a series of recommendations. The book is recommended for managers and employees of technology companies, media corporations, and any curious readers who wish to learn more about these fields”

David Regev, The Second Authority for Television and Radio

To cite:

Mashiah, I., (2022). Communication and High-Tech: Journalism, Public Relations, and Media culture. Orion-Books Publishing House [Hebrew].