Peer-Reviewed Journals (academic articles)

  • Mashiah, I., (under review). “Come and Join Us”: How Tech Brands Use Source, Message, and Target Audience Strategies to Attract Employees
  • Mashiah, I., (under review). Selling Out: Media frames of “exit” and entrepreneurial glorofication in Israel
  • Mashiah, I., (under review). The Relationship Between Public-Relations and Journalists in WhatsApp Technology
  • Mashiah, I., (in progress). High-tech based metaphor: The “Start-up Nation” catchphrase to describe Israel and the sources who use this idea
  • Mashiah, I., and Avraham, E. (2019). The Role of Technology and Innovation Messaging in the Public Diplomacy of Israel. Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy 7(2) 5-28 [LINK]

Media (Selected)