• Mashiah, I., (2022). Communication and High-Tech: Journalism, Public Relations, and Media Culture. Orion-Books Publishing House (H).  

Peer-Reviewed Journals (Academic Articles)

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  • Mashiah, I., (2021). The Relationship Between Public-Relations and Journalists in Whatsapp Technology. Public Relations Review, 47 (5) [LINK]
  • Mashiah, I., and Avraham, E. (2019). The Role of Technology and Innovation Messaging in the Public Diplomacy of Israel. Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, 7 (2) 5-28 [LINK] [Download PDF file]

Other Publications

  • Mashiah, I., (2023). Employer Branding Platforms in the Israeli Journalism: Idealization of the Work Environment in High-Tech Companies‏‏. Media Frames: Israeli Journal of Communication (Misgarot Media), (H).
  • Mashiah, I., (2022). Time for Brainstorming: A Collection of Articles on Israeli Society, Issue no.1 (Ed.). Booklet for Israel Scholarship Education Foundation (ISEF),
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Media (Selected)