Peer-Reviewed Journals (academic articles)

  • Mashiah, I., (2021). “Come and join us”: How tech brands use source, message, and target audience strategies to attract employees. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 32 (2) [LINK]
  • Mashiah, I., and Avraham, E. (2019). The role of technology and innovation messaging in the public diplomacy of Israel. Journal of Global Politics and Current Diplomacy, 7 (2) 5-28 [LINK] [Download PDF file]
  • Mashiah, I., (Forthcoming). The relationship between public-relations and journalists in WhatsApp technology
  • Mashiah, I., (Revise and resubmit). Bottom-up branding catalyst: The Start-up Nation nickname in the journalism
  • Mashiah, I., (under review). Selling Out: Media frames of “exit” and entrepreneurial glorofication in Israel

Media (Selected)